Q. What are eTextbooks and where would I find them?


eTextbooks come in different formats and ways:

  •  VitalSource (Bookshelf)
    • You must go to their website to access
    • You get your access information and login via school email
    • How to login to VitalSource: Login Instructions
  • Embedded digital materials
    • eTextbook content is embedded in/linked to from within your course
    • Publishers Bridgepoint, FlatWorld, F.A. Davis, and Openstax are examples
    • Where can you find them? In your online course in one of these places:
      • Lessons > Getting Started > About Your Book
        • or
      • Lessons > Module # > Readings/link to reading
        • or
      • Lessons > Module # > Assignments > Link to reading
        • or
      • Course Materials > eTextbook
  • Some of your content may be available or inserted into your classes in other ways. 

If you cannot find your eTextbooks, connect with your instructor, ask another student, or contact Personal Support Center!

We have a master list of courses  that tells you what content "type" is associated with your course(s) and how it is delivered: VitalSource, embedded, etc.

If you want more information about e-books available from the library, see our eBooks ANSWER

Note: A shortened link for this answer is located at http://tinyurl.com/ras-Etextbook

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  • Answered By Sara Fillbrandt, Digital Services Librarian

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