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Answered By: Sara Stambaugh, Digital Services Librarian
Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017     Views: 11415

Is there a list of textbooks (including delivery method) for each class?

Rasmussen uses a variety of course materials in its courses.The attached list (below) gives the names and numbers of the courses, the type of material provided for each, and the delivery method. You will also learn how long you will have access (if applicable). The list changes during the quarter to accommodate mid-quarter starts and upcoming quarters. Be careful you know what list you are looking at!


Use the "delivery method" designation in the Excel spreadsheet(s) and the key below:



  • Digital material inserted in course
    • electronic information linked to from within each assignment or lesson...could be an online novel, chapters from textbooks, articles from journals, web pages, online videos, etc.
    • To learn more, look for the "Publishers" column (at the far right of the Excel speadsheet) to see if it matches one of the ones below:
    • If the publisher column for your digital content is blank or lists: NONE, OpenStax, or  another publisher not noted above, please see your online course for more information. In particular, look in:
      • Lessons > Getting Started > About Your Book
      • or
      • Lessons > Module # > Assignments and then look for the "Reading" link
    • If you still can't find your materials or if you have difficulty figuring out how to use it, please connect with your instructor for assistance!
  • eTextbook
  • Repeat Materials
    • Materials were issued in a previous course. Students who took the courses at Rasmussen will not receive second copies (eTextbooks should still be available...if not, contact PSC).
    • Students taking the second course in a sequence, but who took the first course at another institution or tested-out (thus they did not receive the Rasmussen materials), should automatically receive the necessary materials. If not, contact PSC.
  • Supply
    • Something other than information content, for example: scrubs or a protractor
  • No Text
    • No textbook
  • Physical book
    • A paper textbook.
  • Electronic Materials



Instructors needing copies of textbooks and eTextbooks: