Q. I'm interested in an additional degree. What do I need to know?


When making a decision, it's always a good idea to do some research first. our decision about school should be an informed decision.  

Here are some questions that may be helpful in your search for information:

I'm in the process of completing an Associate's degree. Does Rasmussen College offer a Bachelor's degree in this program? 

  • Find the information you seek by logging into the Student Portal at https://www.rasmussen.edu/
  • Click on Degrees and then Find Your Degree in the drop down menu
  • You'll see Rasmussen College's Credential Ladder and how you can build upon one credential to earn the next on the ladder. 

Does Rasmussen College offer Master's degrees?

  • Yes!  Find out more by starting at the Student Portal https://www.rasmussen.edu/
  • Click on Degrees and then Master's Degrees in the drop down menu

What do I need to know about Master's level courses? How different are they from Bachelor's level courses?

  • Generally speaking, Master's level programs are designed to take a deeper dive into the topic than Bachelor's level programs. All Master's level courses are based on being able to demonstrate the ability to apply the skills and knowledge learned. I.e. Rather than taking tests or completing weekly assignments, you'll complete projects that show that you can apply what you've learned in a realistic, authentic way--something you might see done in that field. 
  • Because the Master's programs are based on demonstrating your competence and applying what you've learned, all courses are in CBE format (Competency Based Education).  There are resources that will help you maximize this format for learning and demonstrating what you can do with your knowledge: The CBE Student Guide and Student Scheduler Tools 

What about writing skills and research skills?

  • As you would expect, these are important skills to have in the field; consequently the are important in our Master's courses. Rasmussen College has a variety of resources available to support you. Meeting with a peer mentor will give you the information you need and start you on the right track. 

What can I do to prepare for earning a Master's Degree? 

  • Meet with a peer mentor to get more insight on what to expect
  • When in courses, form a study group and connect regularly 
  • Know what resources are available to you: writing tools

I'd like to talk more about this. Who can I contact?

  • Connect with your Advisor for complete information 
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