PowerPoint & APA: citing sources and creating reference lists in PPT presentations.


Note:  APA does not have specific rules about the format of PowerPoint slides.  Rasmussen University does have recommended guidelines outlined below and in the attached PPT presentation.

PowerPoint slides may need citations, depending on what type of information is included on the slide.

If the text placed on a slide is a quote (someone else's words, verbatim) or someone else's ideas in the presenter's own words, then a citation is needed.

If the text placed on a slide is simply a word or phrase that represents a topic that the presenter will be discussing at greater detail, then a citation is not needed.

The table below includes two power point slides (left side). The column on the right tells whether or not the information would need to be cited and why.



The slide at left needs a citation because it uses a word-for-word quotation.



The slide at left does not need a citation. The words are very general and the image is from Microsoft Clip Art (part of Power Point).


​Coordinating reference lists are typically handed out during or after the presentation.

The PowerPoint slide deck below provides more in-depth and how-to information.

How do I cite a PowerPoint in my References list?

How do I cite an image in my PowerPoint and how do I cite it in my References list? 

For additional information on images and figures, please view our "how to cite images" FAQ.

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