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When links are taken directly from OWA and pasted into a new document, email, or directly into a course within an LMS, extraneous information is often added to the web address, resulting in this page (below) appearing, rather than the correct website/resource.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) login screen

This is a known issue with OWA, and unfortunately there is no fix for it. However, there are some options for working around this issue. 

Option 1: If taking links from the Outlook web app, try highlighting them first and selecting "copy" then pasting them into the file/location you wish. Don't use "copy shortcut" or "copy link address", as these options will keep the extraneous data.

Option 2: Rather than copying the link directly from the email message, go to the website itself, and copy the URL from the address bar (or permanent link in the case of library resources) in your browser.

Option 3: Manually remove the extraneous portion of the web address. After receiving the error message, in the address bar, select and then delete the portion of the URL that appears before http://websitename

Option 4: If sending an email, forward the original email message rather than copying and pasting.

For more information, review Microsoft's support page for this topic.


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