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Answered By: Kate Anderson, Business Librarian
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017     Views: 15

In nearly all library databases, if you plan to return to an article, eBook, or other resource later, you will need to capture and use the permanent link for the resource, rather than the url that is in the address bar. This is because urls in the address bar "break" and expire over time.

Below you will find instructions for locating permanent links to resources within popular library databases.

1. EBSCOhost databases:

Click on the permalink button in the right column.

After the permalink opens, right click and copy.

2. ProQuest databases:

Click on the Abstract/Details button.

Scroll down the page, and copy the Document URL address.

3. Gale databases:

Click the Bookmark link, and copy the url that appears.

4. Credo:

Click on the permalink button, and copy the url that appears.

5. Kanopy:

Click the Share button, and copy the url that appears.

6. ASP (Alexander Street Press) databases:

Click on the Embed/Link button and copy the permanent link url (the first address) that appears.

7. Ovid Nursing instructions