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The old adage “Use it or lose it!” applies to your memory more than you realize.  To ensure you’re actually learning course material rather than memorizing facts that will quickly be forgotten, you need to review the material regularly, even after you think you’ve got it down and can move on to the next topic.

That said, studying does not mean rereading the entirety of your textbook or digital content.  Take quality notes, develop effective flashcards, and create useful mind maps so you can review frequently and studying won't be too time consuming.  

The chart below provide guidelines for studying from your notes, flashcards, and/or mind maps in a way that will facilitate and enhance learning.

 When to review

 How long to  review 


  Shortly after class   10-15 minutes  To reinforce short-term memory 
  Before you sleep   10-15 mintes  To use subconscious to process info 
  A day later   5-10 minutes  To help fix info to long-term memory 
  A week later   5 minutes  To help fix info to long-term memory
  A month later   5 minutes  To help fix info to long-term memory 


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