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Answered By: Cassie Sampson, Education & General Education Librarian
Last Updated: May 27, 2016     Views: 3063

A good paragraph revolves around one central idea. That central idea is expressed in the topic sentence. The remaining sentences develop or expand on that central idea through examples and elaboration. In most writing, a paragraph concludes with a clincher sentence to sum up the main idea or a transition sentence to move the reader to the next main idea, which will be developed in the next paragraph. To learn more about the parts of a paragraph, click here


      If a business’s goal is to increase brand recognition, social media may be a useful marketing tool.   For example, Old Spice launched a viral campaign, including videos on YouTube in response to followers’ tweets on Twitter (“Old Spice Case Study,” 2010).  As a result, the Old Spice channel on YouTube was the most viewed among sponsored channels (Ad Age, as cited in “Old Space Case Study,” 2010).  If the desired outcome was to increase the public’s familiarity with the Old Spice brand name and it products, then the social media usage achieved that goal.