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Answered By: Jennifer Stoker
Last Updated: May 27, 2016     Views: 19512

The parts of a paragraph normally include:

  • The Topic Sentence
    • The topic sentence is usually the first sentence in a paragraph. It is introductory, meaning it should not include details, rather, it should introduce the main idea which will be supported by the rest of your paragraph.
  • The Supporting Sentences
    • This is where the detailed sentences go to support the main idea in the topic sentence.
  • The Transition Sentence
    • This is where the writer relates the ideas in the current paragraph to what is coming in the next.  Transition words like next, however, first, second, in addition are useful as well as paragraph hooks which are finding a keyword or phrase in the current paragraph and "hooking" or linking it to a similar word or phrase in the next.  Example: Bicycle accidents cause over 7300 deaths due a lack of helmets in children.  (new para.)  This lack of helmets also leads to increased risks of being in a bicycle accident when the child reaches adulthood, studies have found.

To see an example of a well written paragraph, click here.