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Answered By: Kate Anderson, Business Librarian
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016     Views: 603

As a student you can often use images you find on the web in your student papers and presentations, because this typically falls under fair use. Learn more about Navigating Copyright for Images straight from APA, and how to cite images in APA style. Also, keep in mind, once you are no longer a student, using images from the web without getting permission and/or paying royalty fees will likely be a violation of copyright law.

To avoid legal, copyright and ethical problems related to images, you can adopt one or all of the following practices:

  1. Use images you have personally created and/or photographs you have personally taken in your papers, presentations, etc.
  2. Use Microsoft ClipArt images in your papers, presentations, etc.
  3. Use images from the public domain and/or that have a Creative Commons license
  4. Use images that are rights-cleared, such as those from the library's FABULOUS Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest database.
    • Image Quest is easy to use
    • Image Quest images are legal to a student and as an employee, even after you graduate
    • Image Quest images have the information you need to cite them in APA style!!
    • Example image from Image Quest is shown in Figure 1:
      • Figure 1: Aerial photo of Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. Taken from:  French, P. (n.d.) Lanikai Beach [Photograph]. Retrieved from Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest database. Copyright 2012 by Photolibrary.

Remember that you need to cite your images. We have how-to and help information for that, too!