Q. What should I do to get the most out of my tutoring sessions?


Great decision to meet with a tutor!

Check out the information below to prepare for your appointment.

Before Appointment

  • Prepare beforehand!
    • Sit down before your appointment and reflect on exactly what you need help with. Take the time to collect your thoughts.
    • Bring specific questions with you to the appointment.
    • Understand the assignment as much as possible.
    • Complete your course’s assigned readings and lectures/live classroom sessions.
    • Have your assignment either printed out or up and ready on your computer.

During Appointment

  • At the beginning of the appointment:
    • Clearly state what you need help with.
    • Lay out all the things that you would like to address during the appointment.
  • Be actively engaged during the appointment.
    • Your tutor appointment is a give and take. They will offer advice and also ask you a lot of questions so make sure you are engaged.
    • Take notes throughout so that you can refer to them after the appointment.
  • Have the necessary materials/resources with you.
    • Handouts, course readings, eTextbook, etc.
  • At the end of the appointment:
    • Summarize what was discussed and what you learned with the tutor.
    • Ask the tutor for their opinion on what your next steps should be.
    • If time allows, ask any remaining questions that you may have.
    • Thank the tutor for their time.

After Appointment

  • Take time to reflect on what you learned during the appointment.
  • Write down any questions you may still have.
    • If you do have additional questions, set up another tutoring appointment or seek help from your instructor.
  • Reflect on whether or not you found the tutoring appointment helpful.        
    • If so, set up recurring appointments with that tutor.
  • Apply the information that you learned to your assignment immediately.
    • Don’t risk waiting and forgetting all that valuable information.


  • Tutors cannot
    • do your assignments for you.
    • teach materials that you may have missed during a class.
    • help with tests or quizzes.
    • ensure that your assignments are free of mistakes.
  • Tutor Match & Live Help tutoring is conducted via one-on-one sessions (1 tutor:1 student). This allows the tutor to give focused attention to each student’s individual needs. 
  • Be respectful of other students and tutors in the Learning Commons:
    • 1 hour time limit per day for appointments.
    • Put cell phones on silent/vibrate while in the Learning Commons.
    • No children in the Learning Commons.
    • Students are responsible for completing their own work. Remember, tutors are here to guide and assist, but never to do homework for students. 
    • We cannot guarantee a tutor in all subject areas or classes, though we certainly do our very best to provide coverage in as many areas as possible. 
    • Peer tutors are students like you and scheduling is based on their availably and eligibility, though we certainly do our very best to provide as much coverage as possible.  Please check with your Student Advisor if you have any questions or visit a related FAQ: What hours are tutors available

​​​​Advice from other Students: 

  • Seek help as soon as you start to struggle.
  • Use tutoring early and often.
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