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Answered By: BethMarie Gooding
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2017     Views: 5320


SkillSurfer offers tutorials and practice tests in a number of different areas.  SkillSurfer covers math and writing skills, computer and technology skills, career test prep, ESL, and more!  The resource gives step by step instructions on each skill area and, when available, can link you with a tutor in that subject area. 

How do I access SkillSurfer?

Skill Surfer can be accessed through the Resources tab in your online courses or through the Student Portal. 


Once you navigate to the online tutoring platform, click Skill Surfer.


You will be directed to a screen that looks like the one below.  Be sure to take the time to explore all of the fantastic resources SkillSurfer has to offer!



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  1. cool new features and apps!
    by Laura on Jun 27, 2016.
  2. Awesome cant't wait to start class already
    by jon on Sep 03, 2016.
  3. Very cool!
    by Celina on Mar 05, 2017.
  4. This was very helpful.
    by Tina on Aug 23, 2017.
  5. This was very helpful, thanks!
    by Gina on Sep 02, 2017.
  6. Very helpful, thanks
    by Erika on Sep 19, 2017.
  7. this was very helpful.
    by Angie Summerville on Oct 07, 2017.
  8. Golden info. Enjoyed the tour. 👍
    by Michael N on Oct 14, 2017.