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Answered By: Cassie Sampson, Education & General Education Librarian
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016     Views: 9728

Reference Pattern:

Author or rights owner. (date). Title (Version). Access information.

Sample references for the app itself:     Note: Citations are Times New Roman, double spaces with hanging indents.

Cloud Library. (2014). Cloud Library eBooks (Version 4.1.2) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

Creative Empire. (2014). Mango Languages Library Edition (Version 1.3.0) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

Funny Farm Industries. (2012). Pickin Chicken Breed Selector (Version 1.1.5) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

Gluten Free Classes. (2014). Find Me Gluten Free (Version 1.9.12) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

Skyscape. (2013). Skyscape Medical Resources (Version 1.18.48) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from


If you have used the app for awhile, it might be difficult to find the:

  • author/rights holder
  • date of app publication
  • version 

To follow APA's lead on this, I had to search my app store for my "purchased" apps and look at the details area there.

You will note that APA wants the URL of the app. They indicate that the URL of the app store is acceptable, so if you have an iphone or ipad, all of your urls can be the same: the url of the apple itunes store. Same for Android users: the url of the Google play store.

Sample in-text citations that match the one of the above references:

The Pickin Chicken app from Funny Farm Industries (2012) allows its users to find out what the best chicken breeds are for them by asking a series of questions related to things like user wants and needs, chicken growth and lay rate, and climate.

Using NoodleBib to cite an app

  1. Login to your NoodleTools account.
  2. Create a project or use a pre-existing project 
  3. Click on Sources
  4. Click on + Create New Citation
  5. Click on the File, App, e-book tab, then click on Mobile App

6. Fill in the needed information and click Submit.

Supplemental Information:

The official APA blog has helpful information at

Comments (1)

  1. Thank you so much!! This was very helpful!!
    by Ash on Nov 25, 2016.

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