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Answered By: Suzanne Schriefer, Education & General Education Librarian
Last Updated: Mar 04, 2016     Views: 67

Both EBSCO and ProQuest databases have tools that you can use to limit search results to a specific date range.  Both databases have the date limiter tool on the left side of the search results page.

In EBSCO databases, click and drag the arrow across the bar until there is a 3-year date range displayed in the "year" boxes above the slider bar:

The date limiter tool is also located on the left side of the search results page in ProQuest databases.  Again, click and drag the arrow to the right to limit the results to articles published in more recent years.  The ProQuest date slider uses a bar chart to indicate the number of resources published within a particular year.  (Because of the large number of articles retrieved in the example below, the bars represent decades.  Sliding the bar to the most recent decade will change the chart from a decade to an annual chart for further refining of results.)

Another option is th click the "Enter a date range" link. This will allow you to enter specific dates to refine your results list.


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