Q. How do I cite a company's annual report and/or 10-K in APA?

Need to cite a company's annual report and 10k for an accounting paper. Is there somewhere to find how to do this?


APA references always have the same pieces of information:

Author. Date. Title. Access Information.

  • Author. The author of the report is likely to be the company itself. However, look around for the name of an individual author or editor; if you do not see one, you should likely use the company name.
  • Date. The date of publication is likely to be the year or year after the date of the annual report or report filing (a 2012 annual report might have been published in 2013, for instance).
  • Title. The title of the report might simply be Annual Report or 10-K Form, but do look closely at the report to see if there's a more specific title.
  • Access information. Access information will vary depending on the medium/type/location of the report. Your most likely scenario is that you found the report on the company's website. If so, you would use that URL. It is also possible you found it in the Mergent Online Database; if so, you will insert www.mergentonline.com as the URL. For more information on citing information from Mergent, take a look at this answer on citing information from Mergent Online in APA.

Example Annual Report reference from company's website:

Harley-Davidson Motor Company. (2013). 2012 annual report. http://ar.harley-davidson.com/home.php

Example 10-K reference from Mergent Online Database:

Harley-Davidson Motor Company. (2013). 2012 10-K form. www.mergentonline.com

Example matching in-text citation:

In 2012, Harley contributed more than $4.5 million to charities in its communities (Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 2013).

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  1. What if you found the 10-K on the SEC website?

    If you are using a 10-K from the SEC website, you will simply insert the URL where you located the 10-K after the words "Retrieved from". For example,

    Harely-Davidson Motor Company. (2013). 2017 10-K Form. Retrieved from

    Kate Anderson, Rasmussen Librarian
    by Christina S. on Jul 08, 2018.