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Answered By: Anna Phan
Last Updated: Jan 06, 2016     Views: 940

On the course home page of your online course, you should see information in the About this Section area with a weblink to the virtual classroom where the session will be held. Usually a LibCal calendar widget is posted, but there may also be a handout for you to reference with the days and times of sessions. For the Live Lectures, WebEx is the virtual classroom tool used.

  1. Click on the hyperlink in your course provided by your instructor for the live classroom lecture.
  2. Log in by typing your first and last name as well as your Rasmussen student email address and then enter the room.
  3. Click on "Call using Computer" to connect your audio.

It’s certainly difficult to pick a time to offer a live lecture that works for all students, so if you are unable to attend, watch the archive.  You can look for an archive  in one of a few places:  your course announcements, your course email, or General Course Questions (this is a good spot to check for a message from your instructor about how to access archives if you cannot find them on your course announcements or in your email).

**Note:  If you’ve checked all of those locations and do not see either the link itself or something from you instructor explaining how to obtain the link, you will want to reach out to your instructor to find out how to get it.  You can send an email or check your syllabus for a phone number and/or virtual meeting space and office hours.

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