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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2015     Views: 854

See also information on citing Course Materials in the APA Citation Guide



Information from lecture notes you have taken while in class is not retreivable by your readers. Thus, you would cite that content in-text but not put in a matching reference at the end.

The in-text citation would be done like a "Personal Communication": see for more information.



Lecture notes uploaded into a course by your instructor are, perhaps, another animal.  Jeff Hume-Pratuch, an editor at APA, provides guidance in his blog post How To Cite Course Packs, Custom Textbooks, and Other Classroom Copmendiums:

Technically, material that is available only from the instructor via course management software such as Blackboard should be cited as a personal communication (see section 6.20 of the Publication Manual and the APA Style Guide to Electronic References, p. 31). This is because, in APA Style, references must lead to recoverable data. (Hume-Pratuch, 2012).
With this in mind, you would have no reference item and you would have an in-text citation for a personal communication that would look something like this:
According to A. Smith (personal communication [Lecture notes], May 2, 2013) the meaning of life is 42.


Alternatively, you could make the argument that the lecture notes your instructor uploads into your course are retrievable by you both and therefore deserve a full reference. If you and/or your instructor choose this route,  follow the main reference creation pattern:



Author. (Date). Title. Source.


Possible Example that Might be Correct:***:

Miller, T. E. (2013, August 21). Components of a marketing plan [Lecture notes]. 

Retrieved from






Hume-Pratuch, J. (2012, September 27). In reply to Alyssaarcher [Blog comment]. Retrieved from

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