Q. What can I do post-reading to help me really learn the material?


When you are done reading an article, book, or textbook chapter, you do any or all of the following "post-reading" activities to help you increase your understanding of and/or retain more of the information you read:

  1. Ponder if the questions you asked (during your pre-reading activities) were answered.
  2. Summarize what you just read
  3. Revisit the notes you took while reading
  4. Re-read select passages that seemed important
  5. Paraphrase selected (important!) sections
  6. Discuss what you just read with someone...a classmate would be ideal!
  7. Be sure to review the questions at the end of each chapter, at the end of the book, or any that that your instructor has provided to see if you can answer them.
  8. Experienced students often say that they will get more from quickly reading and then rereading a chapter or section than from constantly rereading as they go through it once.  Try it!
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  • Answered By Dennis Johnson, CJ, LE, & Paralegal Librarian

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