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Answered By: Ashley Guy, Nursing Librarian
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2016     Views: 26360

A webpage citation requires the following four pieces of information:

Author. (Publication Date). Title of webpage. Webpage URL.

It can be difficult to find this information on some webpages, but it is important that your citation include as much information as possible.

Elements of an APA Citation for a Webpage

Author - the author is the person or organization taking credit for the information. If you are not sure who is taking responsibility for the information, look for an About Us link or who is copyrighting the material.

Personal author(s) example: Jane Smith & Michael J. Johnson
Corporate author examples:

American Heart Association (a non-profit organization)
National Cancer Institute (a government organization)
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (a commercial organization)

Publication Date – Beware: many websites include a current date feature, which dates the page with today’s date. In your citation, you need to include the date the information was written published, not the date you are accessing it.

  1. A byline date is sometimes used near the top of the webpage
  2. A date of last update may be found at the top or bottom of the page
  3. If the website has no date associated with it, your citation will reflect this by an (n.d.) where the date should be.

Title – The title could be the webpage (not the website) itself, or if you are viewing a journal article on webpage, it would be the title of the article. See below for an example.

URL – Uniform Resource Locator or web address

Retrieval Date - Include a retrieval date only with material that is expected to change over time (such as wikis or blogs). NOTE: It is rare that you should include a retrieval date in your citation.

Citing a webpage

Reference Pattern:

Webpage with Author

Author Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. (Year, Month Day). Title of document. Retrieved from http://URL

Webpage with Group Author

Group Author Name. (Year, Month Day). Title. Retrieved from http://URL

Sample References for a website:

Siceloff, S. (2012, May 31). Dragon splashdown marks end of landmark flight. Retrieved from

Mayo Clinic. (2010, July 17). Glaucoma: Treatments and drugs. Retrieved from


*Note: Remember that the first line of a reference is not indented, but subsequent lines are. We were not able to provide this exact formatting in the 2 sample references above because the software to create this answer/FAQ does not allow for it.

Sample In-Text Citations for a Website that Match the above Reference:

According to the Mayo Clinic (2010) glaucoma occurs in....

Business plans are essential to the success of small businesses; without one, 76% of businesses will fail (Siceloff, 2012).

Wanting to use Noodletools to create your website citation? Check out: How do I create an APA citation for a website in NoodleTools?

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