Q. How can a tutor help me?


We believe in you and we want to help you succeed.

You are on the right track with a tutor!


What can a tutor help me with?

A tutor can…

  • Work at your pace
  • Help clarify your assignment instructions & guide you on your next steps
  • Share strategies for achieving the best grades possible
  • Walk you through sample assignments
  • Point you to helpful resources


What is it like to meet with a tutor?

  • Tutor Match tutors are Rasmussen students, which means they have familiarity with Rasmussen’s course assignments and instructions. They can relate to what you are going through and can share tips to help you be successful.
  • Most appointments are held in an online meeting room. Some appointments also utilize audio and video.
    • What if I'm not good with technology? Do I have to use audio and video?
      • No, the choice is up to you. If you would prefer to utilize the chat box only, that is an option too. The experience is customizable to make it comfortable and easy for you.
  • ​How does audio work?
    • ​After you log into your online appointment in Tutor Match, you can ask your tutor to connect the audio. Students have the option to connect through their computer or phone.
    • Tutors will walk you through the steps to connect your audio.

(Please note: audio is only available via Tutor Match not through Live Help. For more information on the audio component, visit our audio FAQ.)


Are tutors available for every class?

  • We cannot guarantee a tutor in all subject areas or classes, though we certainly do our very best to provide coverage in as many areas as possible. 
  • Peer tutors are students like you and scheduling is based on their availably and eligibility, though we certainly do our very best to provide as much coverage as possible. Please check with your Student Advisor or instructor if you have any questions or visit a related FAQ: What hours are tutors available 


What if there are no tutors for my class?

  • One option is to form an online study group with your classmates through our MEET session tool. A MEET session allows you to study with other students online in a private study room. You can schedule meetings in the online classroom and invite others to join you to study for tests, work through homework concepts, or work on group projects. Visit our MEET session FAQ to get started.
  • Check out our other online resources like Guides, FAQ's, Live Help, Writing Lab, and more. Click here for a full list of resources.
  • Reach out to a person like your instructor, Student Advisor, Peer Mentor, or make a Research Appointment with a Librarian


Can tutors help with success skills too?

  • YES! Success skills help you perform your best throughout your educational journey. It takes practice and dedication to learn strategies to help you become academically successful. Some examples of success skills are time management, organization, critical thinking, problem-sovling, communication, reading comprehension, research & writing skills, and digital fluency.
  • Tutors are available in Tutor Match. Select Success Skills from the drop down menu and then choose your success skill from the list provided.


How do I get started with a tutor?

  1. Make a tutoring appointment:
  2. Enter your tutoring appointment
    1. On-Campus sessions: Simply show up on the correct campus at the day and time of your appointment.
    2. Online sessions: Simply come back to the Tutoring Platform shortly before your session starts, hover over your name (top right on the page), and click on My Calendar and then on Enter to access the session.


Tutors are looking forward to meeting with you!

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