Q. What is a process map?

I need to make a process map for an assignment. Help!


A process map is also called a flow chart. This is a visual tool that lays out the steps of a process. In a business context, a process map can be used to show employees or stakeholders how processes are accomplished. 

To create your own process map, follow these steps: 

  • Determine the boundaries of the process you want to map. Processes are often tangled up in adjacent processes, so it's important to make this distinction from the beginning
  • Determine the actions involved in the process and put them in order. 
  • Assign symbols to each action. Common process map symbols include:
    • Oval: start and end of a process
    • Rectangle: Action
    • Diamond: Decision point
    • Arrows: Direction of the process
  • Draw out the process map using the symbols. You can use Microsoft Word or any free process mapping/flow chart creators online (there are many!).
  • Review the process map and make sure it makes sense to an outside reader.

Below is an example process map:

Flow chart with one decision

Figure 1. Example of a flow chart with one decision. Taken from: Creately. (2018). "Flowcharting basics: How to create a simple flowchart." Retrieved from https://creately.com/blog/diagrams/all-you-need-to-know-about-flowcharting/. Copyright 2018 by Creately.

For information on creating process maps in Microsoft Word, see our Answer here


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