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Answered By: Ashley Guy, Nursing Librarian
Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017     Views: 942

CINAHL Plus with Full Text via EBSCO is a great place to start, as it has the EBSCO search screen that many students are familiar with.  The database does contain both nursing and allied health journals, so to limit your search to just those nursing journals.

On the CINAHL home page, with the search box, scroll down to find the limiters. You can select the “Nursing” line in the Journal Subset box on the search home page.  You can also use this screen to enter in the publication date range and select the Scholarly journals box.

Ovid Nursing Journals is another great place to find nursing articles.  All journals in Ovid are nursing, so there is no need to worry about that.  The search screen looks much different than EBSCO databases, so it can take a few minutes to orient yourself with the layout of the search results.

In both databases, start your search with broad key terms and take a few minutes to browse the results.  Find what words the database is using to describe your topic (this can vary database to database). Hopefully you will see a keyword that hits on your topic and you can add that to the search box and run your search again.  Keep doing this process until you find at least one article that fits your topic.  Then use the “Find similar articles” feature in either database to quickly find additional articles on the same topic.