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Answered By: Kristie Keuntjes
Last Updated: Sep 07, 2016     Views: 104

You can ask your students the questions listed below to help them ensure their written assignments are complete.

  • Did you finish everything you were asked to do?  Are there multiple parts to the assignment?  Make sure you read the details of the assignment - this can make or break your grade for you.
  • Did you answer all of the questions fully?  Double-check this, especially if the questions have multiple parts to them.  Each part needs to be answered in your response.
  • Is your work organized?  Make sre your instructor will be able to read/correct your work easily.
  • Are your sentences clear and easy to read?
  • Did you use your own words?  If you copied something, make sure to paraphrase it and include a reference to the original source.
  • Have you utilized the APA paper checklist to ensure your paper contains all necessary APA elements?
  • Did you check your spelling and grammar carefully?  Use a dictionary for words you are not sure about and Grammarly to review your paper.
  • What other mistakes do you often make?  Make a list of them and double-check all of your work, especially for these errors.