How do I get started with VH Dissector?


VH Dissector is a software program that will be used throughout the entire Doctor of Physical Therapy curriculum, beginning with Foundational Sciences I. The instructors in your courses will use some of these resources during both asynchronous (content you can access anytime) and synchronous (online sessions where instructors and students are together at the same time) sessions. While some of the content in these sections may not be covered in the course, the majority of content in these sections will be covered in the DPT curriculum so they can be a great study resource.

To gain access to the software… coming later

Getting Set Up – MAKE SURE TO DO THIS STEP (It will save you a lot of time)

Once you successfully open the VH Dissector Pro program, go through the orientation on the upper right of the screen by clicking on the User Reference Guide. The guide lays out how to use your computer to manipulate the cadaver, zoom in/zoom out, change views as well as gain access to a variety of study resources.

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The VH Dissector software provides a wide range of study resources perfect for the hybrid learning environment including:

Step by Step Dissection Instructions