How do group appointments with Peer Tutors or Peer Educators work?


Group appointments are a great opportunity to engage with your peers and learn together with the guidance and support of a Peer Tutor or Peer Educator. Up to three students may participate in a group appointment. 

Learn more about registering for a Group Appointment.

What to expect in a Group Appointment:

  • Variety! Sessions may support students at different points in their course. In addition to getting the support you need, you may also get insight into past or future assignments through your peers.
  • Collaboration! Sharing questions and ideas can help you more effectively learn from each other and allow the Peer Tutor to strategically focus and guide your session.
  • Support! Group sessions function similarly to study groups, allowing students to help each other, troubleshoot together, and strengthen peer relationships.

How to prepare for a Group Appointment:

  1. Have your course pulled up on your screen and be ready to share your screen during the session. 
  2. Be ready to share what you have done so far and in what areas you need clarification or assistance.
  3. Have any questions you would like discussed ready to go.
  4. Be prepared to take notes related to your questions or to jot down anything your learn from your peers.

Best practices for successfully participating in Group Appointments: 

  • Ask questions and answer questions! Sharing what you need help with and reflecting upon questions your Peer Tutor asks you, are essential to the learning process. 
  • Offer ideas and assistance! Students are all in varying stages in their learning process. Learning from each other's unique experiences and insights can be of great benefit to furthering your own understanding. 
  • Allow the Peer Tutor or Peer Educator to facilitate and guide based on their expertise.  Our staff are trained in support strategies and understand the most effective ways to structure sessions to provide the greatest benefit to all participants.
  • Allow all students space and time to communicate equally. In group settings, some folks may contribute a lot while others may be more reserved. Allowing space for everyone to communicate will ensure all participants are able to gain knowledge and insight from the session.
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