Q. Why did Rasmussen College transition from print to DIGITAL CONTENT (e.g. eTextbooks)?


Rasmussen College makes student learning and career readiness a top priority; guidance from our employer community and evolving trends in education informed the transition to digital as the primary method for content delivery. 

Below are the top 3 advantages of digital content:

  1. Digital content helps ensure timely and relevant resources, which improves the learning experience.
  2. By increasing digital fluency, digital content prepares students for today's workforce and global society.
  3. Digital content makes learning easier, engaging, and fun!

Did you Know?

  • Digital content is not just eTextbooks, it can include: video clips, interactive quizzes, book chapters, eTextbooks, articles, images, animations and webcasts. 
  • Employers want you to be digitally fluent. In 2013, 98% of Rasmussen College Advisory Board members (partners and community employers) ranked digital literacy as "important" or "very important."
  • It's mobile. Access your digital content from multiple devices like smartphones, readers, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

  • Digital content can do cool things that paper books can't:
    • Access eTextbooks and articles online from many devices or offline through "checkout."
    • Highlight, and/or copy and paste text easily.
    • Create notes and view them alongside page content or in one place from the summary view. Best of all, you can print your notes for class!
    • View pages the way you want. Scale images and text to any size with multi-level zoom without losing page clarity.
    • Create bookmarks and quickly navigate to marked pages or view within the summary.
    • Easily search and navigate within an eTextbook.
    • Interact with your instructor and classmates in a variety of ways, including content creation, sharing notes and ideas, chatting, and receiving feedback.


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  • Answered By Ashley Fyvie, Nursing Librarian

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Comments (4)

  1. I would not mind the eTextbooks so much if they were an actual purchased ebook and not just a rental. I prefer to keep ALL my textbooks for future reference or classes. By limiting us to only a rental for a set period of time, we lose the benefit have having that information available to us for review or further study. When I purchase a digital book from Amazon, I get to keep it. It's mine. Why can't I keep my eTextbook?
    by Elizabeth Connors on Mar 05, 2014.
  2. We are aware of your concern. Currently, access to your eTextbook is available through the duration of your course for a minimum of 180 days with many available longer than two years. We understand that some students want to reference course materials and eTextbooks throughout the entire duration of their academic experience at Rasmussen College and post graduation. Rasmussen continues to work closely with publishers to extend your access to meet these needs.
    by LLC on Mar 05, 2014.
  3. Please also see our Answer at http://rasmussen.libanswers.com/a.php?qid=441919
    by Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen on Mar 05, 2014.
  4. Even if it costs more, I think students should be at least given the option of renting physical paper textbooks. I do not learn well with e-readers/digital textbooks. Yes, they're cheaper and more convenient, but I just don't absorb the material nearly as well. For a college that prides itself on being accessible to a diverse population I would think that different learning styles would be taken into account.
    by Jennifer on Aug 12, 2019.