Q. I have questions about scrubs.

How do I order them? Can I order extras? Etc.


Scrubs can be ordered through a program called SuiteStyles. See below for frequently asked questions and a PDF file that details the ordered process.


  • Are scrubs included with my program costs? 
    • No, scrubs are purchased directly by students. 
  • What is the cost for scrub sets, tops and or bottoms?  
    • Pricing is dependent on size and style. Free shipping is available for orders $75 and up.

  • Do students receive discounted scrub pricing?
    • Yes, the prices listed on the website reflect Rasmussen discounted prices which have been extended to students.
  • Are there scrub pant “tall” sizes available?
    • Yes. Students can order “tall” sizes on the website ordering page.  
  • How many sets should I order?
    • You will need at least one, but two sets are recommended.
  • What is the process for students to order and receive their scrubs?
    • See the PDF file linked at the bottom of this Answer for complete instructions.
  • What is the contact information for SuiteStyle Customer Support?
    • Contact for SuiteStyles Customer Support is:
  •  1-87-scrubs12 (1-877-278-2712) or email at scrubs123@medline.com.
  • Are scrubs returnable or exchangeable if the incorrect size was ordered?
    • Embroidered items are not returnable. Non-embroidered items are accepted for return within 30 days of purchase. Return shipping postage is not included.
    • Exchanges are not accepted for either type of item.
  • How long does it take to receive the scrubs after the order is placed?
    • Please plan on fourteen (14) days for delivery.
  • Can student use a P.O. Box as a shipping address?
    • No, students must supply a street address for proper tracking and delivery.
  • Do re-enter students need to order new scrubs?
    • It depends on whether they still have their old scrubs, if they fit, and if they are the right color. If not, then they need to follow the new ordering process.
  • How can a student determine the correct scrub size prior to ordering?
    • Student can try on scrubs at their campus location. Each campus has been provided a scrub sizing kit. If a student is not near a campus, a scrub sizing chart can be found on the SuiteStyles ordering site at the bottom of each product page.
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