What is a Request for the Production of Documents?


Requests for the Production of Documents

  • Definition:  A written list of documents, electronic files, and audio and video recordings or physical things, submitted to a party from his or her adversary to inspect and copy the requested items and that have relevance to the issues in a lawsuit. Requests for the Production of Documents are a discovery device used by a party to enable the individual to learn the facts that are the basis for, or support, a pleading with which he or she has been served by the opposing party. They are used primarily to determine what issues are present in a case and how to frame a Responsive Pleading or a Deposition. These documents might also be evidence in a hearing or a trial.
  • Requests for the Production of Documents are used to find all evidence that might be presented at a trial or hearing, or used as evidence in a case.  They should include a caption. It is important to note that the captions vary by state and that you will have to refer to the rules of the court system in your state and to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to see the time requirement for answering Requests for the Production of Documents and the number of requests you may make.
  • Interrogatories and Requests for the Production of Documents are normally sent at the same time, and are formatted similarly.

You can find more information on the Justice Studies Guide, see a sample, and see how to format a set of requests in the Links & Files.

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