Q. Q: How can I get all this reading done? A: a Reading Planner!


Do you have a lot of reading to do for classes?

Creating a reading planner can help you complete that reading and stay on task with work.

Set a timeline for your reading

Some courses have specific pages assigned to read each week. Take those pages and divide them by the number of study sessions you have available. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to complete the assignment.

E.g. Biology: Module 1—Read chapters 3-5

If the assignment is due on Sunday, start reading early in the week. If you work on this course on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can plan to read half of it Monday and the other half on Tuesday. Then you can write up the assignment after that.

E.g. Literature class: you need to read a 150 page book in 3 weeks.  You divide the number of pages by the number of weeks—you’ll need to read 50 pages per week.

Remember, reading the material is very different from understanding the material.  Read to understand it…otherwise you can read and miss the meaning (and waste your time).   

For more information about improving reading comprehension:



Read with purpose

Know what kind of material you are working with. Is it a story of fiction for literature class or chapters in a biology text? There’s a difference in the approach and process for each.

For example, if it’s a biology text, read the assignment first so that you know what information you are looking for. That will help you determine which info is important and save you time.  As you read, mark the info you’ll need so you can revisit it for the assignment. You can also start the assignment and include short notes that you can flesh out later to complete the assignment.

If you’re reading a book for literature class, you’d determine the elements you want to be aware of as you read. Characters, plot, etc. Have your assignment is mind as you read.

Reading Planner Apps

  • Reading Planner
  • Bookout (previously called Bookly)
    • http://bookoutapp.com/
    • “Bookout helps you track and manage your books, make a habit out of reading and see your progress over time.”
    • Great visuals and when you are finished reading a book, the app even generates an infographic tailored just for you. For example, how many pages your read, total reading time, reading speed, etc.
    • Only available for iOS and not Android.
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