Q. I am a new student and would like to meet with a Peer Educator. How do I do that?


Want to learn how to learn more efficiently?  How about saving more time? Then find out how to work smarter, not harder--meet with a peer educator!

Peer Educators:

  • Show new students how to balance life’s obligations along with school to be successful in their education and show them the ropes of college life
  • Share strategies that have worked for them and help new students develop their own strategies for:
    • navigating online courses
    • managing time effectively
    • effective reading, note taking, studying, and test-taking
    • proper channels of communication
  • In short, a Peer Educator can show new students what it takes to be a successful student.

How do I connect with a Peer Educator?

  • You will make an appointment with a Peer Educator in Tutor Match. 
  • From the Student Portal, select Tutoring under the Resources section. In Tutor Match, choose Peer Educator from the Topic drop down menu and select either Peer Educator-CBE Courses or Peer Educator-Traditional Courses from the Subject drop down menu. 

Click here to connect to Tutor Match within the Tutoring Platform (Brainfuse).

Request a Peer Educator Session

  • Access the Tutoring Platform via the Tutoring link or the Resources link in your any course. 
  • Look for Tutor Match
  • Select the Topic Peer Educator and select the Subject Peer Educator-CBE Courses or Peer Educator-Traditional Courses


  • Click on Schedule    
  • Select your Preferred Modality
    • ā€‹Online (with audio/phone)
    • On Campus
  • Ensure your Time Zone is correct. If it is not correct, click on the time zone link. A separate box will appear where you can change your time zone and continue scheduling your appointment. 
  • Select a specific Peer Mentor from Available Tutors to narrow your search to the Peer Mentor of your choice. Otherwise, to see ALL available Peer Educators, leave as "Select a tutor". 

  • Select the date for your appointment from the calendar. You will need to schedule appointments at least two hours in advance of the session start time. Find a time slot that works for you and click on SelectTip: If you prefer to view the calendar for the entire month, select month in the upper right-hand corner.

Almost done! Double-check your time zone is correct, complete the online form with your phone number, SMS reminder preference, and notes about the assistance you are seeking, then click Request Session.ā€‹

How to Cancel a Session

Click on your Username in the top right corner under the "Logout" button. Select My Calendar.  Click Cancel next to the appointment that you wish to cancel.

How to Attend

On-Campus sessions: Simply show up on the correct campus at the day and time of your appointment. Online sessions: Simply come back to the Tutoring Platform shortly before your session starts, hover over your name (top right on the page), and click on My Calendar and then on Enter to access the session.

Session Confirmation 

You will see a pending confirmation page letting you know that the Peer Educator has been notified of your request.

When your session is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email to your SMAIL account from Brainfuse. You will also receive an email from your Peer Educator with the modality, time, date, and access link of the appointment will be included.




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