What is the grading scale for my CBE courses?


Key features of CBE grading:

  • Each criterion in a deliverable assessment rubric has a possible score of 0-4.
  • A student must earn a passing score of 2 or higher for each assessment rubric criterion in order to earn a passing score on that deliverable.
  • A student's overall score on a deliverable is equal to their lowest score on any one assessment rubric criterion. For example, if a student scores a 4 on the first criterion of the deliverable rubric, a 3 on the second, and a 1 on the third, their grade for the submission would be a 1. All criteria would need a score of two or higher for an overall score of 2, a 3 or higher for an overall score of 3, etc.
  • Students must demonstrate a high level of competency in every area (criterion) in order to move their grade higher.
  • A student must also earn a passing score on all seven deliverables in order to pass the course as a whole.
  • Access rubrics by clicking on the "This item is graded with a rubric" link under Details & Information  within each individual assignment as pictured below. Click on each criterion listed under Rubric Details to view the full description for each possible score. 

Example Deliverable Assessment Rubric with Four Criteria:

CBE rubric example depicting four criteria with a grading scale of 1-4 for each item

CBE Grading Criteria for Final Grade Calculations: 

Ultra CBE Grading Criteria (ONL+ live faculty session work 1% per session and total 6%; Deliverables 1-6 worth 11% per deliverable and total 66%; Deliverable 7 worth 28% and total 28%)

CBE Grading Scale for Final Grade Calculations:

CBE grading scale: Letter grades A, B, C, F, F equate to Competency Report Scale 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 and Mastery, Proficiency, Competence, No Pass, Did Not Submit, respectively


View the video below for additional explanation of CBE grading:



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