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10 Things Instructors Need to Know About eTextbooks

The Benefits of Using eTextbooks

      As described by Rasmussen faculty members who are currently using them…

1.   You can’t lose it, destroy it, or forget it.  If you have Internet, you have the book with you.
2.   Your students can’t lose it, destroy it, or forget it.  If they have Internet, they have the book with them.
3.   Go green! Less photocopies is good for the environment.

4.   Avoid copyright infractions (and extra work) because you’ll never have to photocopy something from the book for

      your students.

5.   You can easily share your own notes from your eTextbook with your students.

6.   You can take screenshots of the book for use in PowerPoints and online announcements.

7.   If you project the eTextbook onto a SMARTboard, you can demonstrate good note-taking in the book to your

      whole class at once.

8.   You can screenshare the eTextbook during WebEx lessons, so students can follow along in the book.

9.   If you are talking with a student on the phone and they don’t have their book, you can send them a screenshot of

      that page to their email for review later.

10. If a student comes to your campus office hours for help, but without their book, you have it. It’s also easier for

      both you and the student to look at the screen together.

Other Important Information                                                                   

  •  Watch a 2-minute video that covers advanced notetaking, searching, highlighting, viewing, and printing  capabilities within VitalSource eTextbooks at:
  • If you have an eTextbook provided by a non-VitalSource publisher, or for any additional information related to eTextbooks, the Library & Learning Services Team (LLS) has developed  additional answers here in the Answers database.You can also access the Answers database within all of your online courses on the Resources tab. Just search for eTextbooks, and away you go!



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