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What is a community action plan?

A community action plan is a proposed strategic plan used to help empower community members to take action against a problem in their community.  It clearly defines what needs to be done, how it will be done, when it will be done, and by whom it will be done.

Why should I write an action plan?

A community action plan can really increase participation of key community members by providing a clear plan for how to address certain problem(s) in the community.  

How do I write an action plan?

  • Determine the problem(s) you would like to address in your community.  Do you have an obesity problem?  Do you have a communicable disease outbreak?  Are you trying to gain visibility for services and resources available to your community? 
  • Clearly outline your vision, mission, objectives, strategies, targets, and proposed changes.  In short, what do you want to accomplish and why?  What do you hope to accomplish by making these changes?  What strategies can you use to accomplish your goals?  Who do you hope to impact with these changes?  What are the changes you would like to see?
  • Outline SMART Goals.  Your goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.  It is important to carefully plan goals otherwise you may not accomplish them.
  • Identify the steps you need to take to reach your goals.  You will need to list specific steps to take and when to achieve your goals.  You are providing a roadmap to success for those involved in your action plan.
    • What action will occur?
    • When will this action occur?
    • Who will complete the action?
    • What resources are needed to accomplish the action? 
    • What communication is required for the action?
  • Review your action plan.  Is it complete?  Is it clear?  Is it current?

Do you have any examples of a community action plan?


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