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Answered By: Sara Stambaugh, Digital Services Librarian
Last Updated: May 27, 2016     Views: 927

These are some excellent questions! There are a couple of answers here:

  1. There is not currently an example of completed ePortfolio documents for you to view, however, there is a template available for you to follow.
  2. This ePortfolio template is available within the Optimal e-portfolio that you will have access to for this assignment.
  3. There should be a video within your class that will walk you through the specific steps of the e-portfolio process.
  4. Your instructor should be able to answer any additional or specific questions you might have about the portfolio documents you are being asked to submit.

NOTE: Students are to save their CCA portfolios using code names for the transferable skills. Attached are the instructions for submitting. Below are the code names and corresponding transferable skills (ignore the word “more”).