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Answered By: Bonnie Ostrand
Last Updated: Nov 03, 2015     Views: 337


Step 1: Before beginning an online tutoring appointment, make sure you have Mozilla Firefox installed for the best result with our online platform.  You can download & install Firefox for free at:

Note: Firefox is the best Java enabled browser for use with the school’s platforms.

Step 2: Next, you should update your Java on your personal computer. For Windows users, navigate to your Start Menu > All Programs > Java > and select Check For Updates. When the Update window appears, click Update Now and follow prompts to update Java.











For Mac users, navigate to your System Preferences > Java > Java Control Panel > Update Tab > and click Install Update and then Install and Relaunch and follow prompts to update Java.

Step 3: After you have successfully installed Firefox and updated Java, then proceed to the tutoring website. To access this, navigate to your school portal at: Then, mouse over the Resource link and on the drop-down window select the Tutoring link.

Step 4: The tutoring link will bring you to your student Brainfuse account. Once there, select My Calendar from the drop down menu under My Account.  

Step 5: To enter the online platform Whiteboard, press Enter for the session relevant to your appointment.

Note: Whiteboard is not accessible until the moderator (your tutor) has logged into the session.

Step 6: A pop-up window will come up for Whiteboard. Then click the Activate Java Button to start Whiteboard.

Note: If the window does not come up, it is because you have pop-ups blocked. At the top of your window will be a notification that Firefox prevented the pop-up. Click the Options button and then Allow and Remember.

Upon clicking Activate Java, a window appears asking for you to allow the plugins to run.  Just click on the drop-down box and select Allow and Remember.

Note: If Whiteboard does not automatically start, close the pop-up window and re-enter the session. This is done under My Calendar, by pressing the Enter button next to your session.

If you see the screen below in the pop-up window, you have successfully joined the first tier of the online platform known as Whiteboard.

If you require screen-share access to share your computer screen, ask your tutor and they can initiate an OnSync session through Whiteboard. When the tutor does this a pop-up window will appear that looks like this.

Note: If it does not, then a pop-up block alert appears again, and you must Allow the pop-up again.

Once you have arrived at this window, your tutor will give you access to share your screen. Click on the drop-down link Share My Screen, then select Install Plugin.

Note: You will be prompted to install the plugin on your computer. Run the installation, and allow the plugin to install. Once installed, under the Share My Screen drop-down, select Plugin is Installed. After that you can open the Share My Screen drop-down again and select Entire Desktop.

If you see this screen, you have successfully done a first time setup for the online tutoring platform. Congratulations and welcome to Rasmussen College’s Learning Services!