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Answered By: Kate Anderson, Business Librarian
Last Updated: Feb 04, 2016     Views: 21

The first step is to define and understand fiscal policy. Conduct a search for "fiscal policy" in any of the following library databases to further your understanding of the topic:

Credo Reference          Gale Virtual Reference          Encyclopedia Britannica

Next, to research the economic practices, fiscal policy/approach, and GDP of each country, try searching the following databases:

Discovery          Mergent Online           AtoZ World Cultures

Searching Discovery: Try searching for the country's name combined with terms like country report, country profile, country review, country forecast, etc... (for example United States Country Report).

Searching Mergent Online: Open the database, and select the company you're researching from the Country Profile drop down list (at the bottom right of the screen). Note: The Country Profile will open as a PDF document.

Searching AtoZ World Cultures: Open the database, and choose the country you're researching. The Cultural Overview of the country will open. Some of this information may be of interest. Be sure to click on Country Profile in the left column of options for more economic details.

Lastly, try searching websites such as:

The CIA World Fact Book      World Bank Countries   BBC's Country Profiles