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Answered By: Sara Stambaugh, Digital Services Librarian
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2016     Views: 144

Enrollment status is updated by Rasmussen every 30 days and typically you lender will automatically defer your loans when they receive this information. We do advise contacting your lender to confirm that they have deferred your loans.

If you wish to notify your lender of your enrollment prior to the 30 days, you can do so by requesting a deferment form from your lender.  To view your loan and lender information:

1.    Go to 
2.    Log into the system with your FSA ID (your secure username and password that you use to complete the FAFSA).  If you do not have an FSA ID or are not sure click on the “Create an FSA ID” tab.
3.    Once you are logged in click on “FA Review”.
4.    Click “Accept”.
5.    Your loans will be then be listed and you can select each loan to review information about the loan and the lender.

Once you complete your portion of the form, you will need to send the form to your Advisor.  The Student Loan Management Team will complete the remaining sections of the form and return the form to your lender.

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