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Answered By: Jan McCartney, Design & Technology Librarian
Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015     Views: 159

10 Things Students Need to Know About eTextbooks

The Benefits of Using eTextbooks  

       As described by Rasmussen students…

1.   I really like being able to search the book & not having to page through like with a regular 


2.   My favorite eTextbook features include: highlighting parts in the book that are important and

      the option to take notes.

3.   The highlighter tool and the use of the table of contents.

4.   I like how you can use your computer at home without having to carry around a book with you. It makes it very

     simple and easy to use.

5.   The interactive portion is a useful benefit- it gives you the chance to practice a skill. You know if you have done it

      correctly immediately.

6.   I enjoy being able to view a page of thumbnails for pages in the book. This helps me navigate to pages easier

      than having to scroll through them.

7.   I love that the eTextbooks are interactive! It really helps me retain the information.

8.   My favorite tool is that you can add notes to each page.  This helps me take quick notes without ever having to get

      out a pen and paper.

9.   I like using the bookmark tool to keep my place and mark important pages.

10. It is nice to print out just what I need from the chapter by using the review section at the end of the chapter and

      the vocabulary list. All in all I really like using the eTextbooks.

Other Important Information                                                                   

  •    Explore the Rasmussen Digital Content Hub for a wealth of information related to eTextbooks and digital fluency at:
  •  Check out a series of videos (select the ones that address your question) that covers advanced notetaking, searching, highlighting, viewing, and printing capabilities within VitalSource eTextbooks.