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Answered By: Suzanne Schriefer, Education & General Education Librarian
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018     Views: 16862

The format and an example of a References list and companion in-text citation for a statute in a state code is provided below.


Note: In many cases, a popular name for an act may not be available.  If you cannot determine the name for the act, begin the citation with the abbreviation for the code.


Note: References list citations are typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, are double spaced, and use the hanging indent if needed.

APA defers to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, a popular legal citation style, to cite legal materials.

Citing a state statute follows the same format used to cite a Federal statute.  However, state codes (a code is a subject arrangement of the laws for that state) differ.  Some states organize their statutes by title, some organize by section number and some use both!  Consult Cornell University Law School's LII Legal Citation website for examples.

To use this resource, first, click on the "Examples of Citations" link on the left panel.

Next, click on "Constitutions and Statutes" in the left panel on the next page.

Then scroll to the state section on the next page and click on the state of interest to view examples of legal citations for that state. 

Please note that this is "Bluebook" style, so take needed information from here and use in the format provided above when constructing your APA reference.