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Answered By: Sara Stambaugh, Digital Services Librarian
Last Updated: May 10, 2016     Views: 423

What you want in this particular case is to essentially outline a contingency model of an existing case study which examines a problem within an organization. Just like a normal outline, you start with an introduction of your topic, an overview of what you will be talking about, your thesis statement, supporting facts/statements/ideas from the case study and research about how this particular problem was solved in other organizations and institutions, and then you get to the recommendations, and a conclusion.

Your outline should then look something like this:

I. Introduction

   A. Introduce topic
   B. Overview of discussion
   C. Thesis statement

II. Body of Paper

   A. Point one (more information about issue)
      i. Supporting facts/ideas
      ii. Supporting facts/ideas
      iii. Lead in to point two

   B. Point two (what the case study has to say about problem)
      i. Supporting facts/ideas
      ii. Supporting facts/ideas
      iii. Lead in to point three

   C. Point three (what other institutions/organizations have done to solve this problem)
       i. Supporting facts/ideas
      ii. Supporting facts/ideas
      iii. Lead in to recommendations

   D. Recommendations (based on your research, an examination of the problem, and what other institutions have done to solve similar issues - what plan of action would you recommend to this organization)
      i. What you recommend
      ii. Supporting facts/ideas
      iii. Supporting facts/ideas

III. Conclusion

   A. Re-state your thesis.
   B. Summarize what you discussed in your paper


A paper like this requires critical thinking skills. Every situation is going to be a little bit different, and the recommendations portion is essentially asking what you have learned about the problem and different ways to solve it.

For more information about how to write an outline, please see our answer here: