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Answered By: Kate Anderson, Business Librarian
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2016     Views: 145

First, use your critical thinking skills to answer a few questions. What does organizational development mean? What are the characteristics of a company that employs the tools of organizational development? Jot down any key terms that you come up with when answering these questions and use them to help guide your search.

Second, what database are you using to search for articles? Try using Business Source Complete via EBSCO or Business via ProQuest What are your search terms? If you are limiting yourself to only "organizational development" you aren't being creative enough. Try the term "organizatio* development." The asterisk is a place holder and will bring back results that include: organization AND organizational.

Be sure you are searching using full text and in a recent time period. The left-hand side navigation panel offers you many choices for limiting or refining your original search. Source Types will allow you to display results that are ONLY trade publications, magazines, academic journals, market research reports, or product reviews (screenshot to right). Go back to your critical thinking from earlier. What terms did you come up with? Which source type do you think will help guide you to a better search result?

Look under the Company refinement choice (screenshot below). Are there any companies listed there? Select them and see what kind of articles are returned. Are they what you are looking for?

If limiting your search in this way isn't helpful, go back to your other terms from step one. Search for those terms in addition to or instead of your original search.

Most importantly, keep at it! There are articles out there. It's most likely that you will find one eventually. Not everything works on the first try.


If you need more help, try starting fresh and look at the School of Business Guide.