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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2016     Views: 536

How do you cite info from an APP that has already been published in another source?

App Reference Pattern:

Original source entry info. App info. 

  • How?
    • Original source reference pattern:
      • Author. date. Title.
    • App information pattern:

Note: How to do references for apps is still a developing art. Our samples are one way of doing references for content from an app. This page is in flux and being edited frequently while we figure this out!



Sample References for Content from Within an App for an iPhone:

Alvarez, J. (1997). Yo! 3M Cloud Library (Version 1.41) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved


Deglin, J. H., Vellearand, A. H., & Sanoski, C. A. (2013). Pravastatin.

In Davis's drug guide for nurses (13th ed.). Skyscape Medical Resources

(Version 1.18.48) [Mobile application

software]. Retrieved from

National Center for Health Statistics. (2012). 682 other cellulitis and abscess.

In International classification of diseases ICD-9-CM. Skyscape Medical

Resources (Version 1.18.48). [Mobile application software].

Retrieved from


Sample in-text citations that match the above references:

Alvarez (1997) use of color in Yo! seems to ...

Deglin, Vallerand, and Sinoski (2012) indicate that those patients using pravastatin should avoid grapefruit juice.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2012) the code for abcesses found on the face is 682.0.


You used a different app?:


Note: If you are citing:

Supplemental Information:

The official APA blog has helpful information at

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