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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017     Views: 5073

How do I get to the Rasmussen Online Bookstore? What can I buy there?

How can you get there?

Click on: Rasmussen Online Bookstore 

  • Login with your student ID (is in the email you received with all bookstore orders)
  • You can use the Online Bookstore to purchase additional materials with a credit card or debit card. Sorry, school vouchers cannot be accepted.
  • Shipping and handling will be charged.
  • Costs for materials are determined by the publishers or vendors.
For questions or concerns: Contact the Online Bookstore directly.

What can you order?

  • Textbooks
    • Purchase optional print (POP) versions (aka second copies) of your eTextbook.
      • Note: you do not lose access to your eTextbook when you order a print version.
    • Choose your version carefully:
        • Course
          • Make sure your courses are correct/current. Course changes may take a day or two to update in the Online Bookstore.
        • Format
          • Make sure you select the version you want (if more than one version is available):
            • Full Full-color, print version of your textbook. Full publisher cost.
    • Keep track of the voucher and tracking number generated with your order.
      • You will get three emails:
        • We got your order.
        • We shipped your order.
        • You should have received your order.
      • Plan on 1-2 weeks for your books to arrive.

If you are looking to buy Rasmussen Gear (clothing, sweatshirts, and the like) visit

See also Rasmussen's Digital Content site.