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Answered By: Emily Gilbert, Health Sciences Librarian
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017     Views: 2448

Scrubs are now ordered through a program called SuiteStyles. See below for ordering instructions as well as Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. Student will receive a “Welcome Email” to their S-mail account at the start of their first quarter during materials distribution (two weeks prior to class start thru two weeks after the start of classes).
  2. The Welcome Email will contain a link to the SuiteStyles ordering site as well as the student’s login credentials.
  3. Initial login credentials are: Username: S-mail address; Password: scrubs1.
    1. Student will be prompted to change password after initial order is completed.
  4. At SuiteStyles site landing page, student will enter login credentials at top center “Log In To My Facility Account” field.
  5. Student will be redirected to their specific program order landing page to place order.
  6. Student will receive a four (4) “piece allowance” allowing them to order 2 scrub tops and 2 pants.
  7. Student will designate shipping address.
  8. Once student has placed the order, student will receive an order confirmation email.
  9. Once the order ships, the student will receive a shipment confirmation email including the shipment tracking number.


  1. How many scrub sets does a student receive as part of their program? 
    1. Two sets which includes two tops and two bottoms
  2. Can the student/faculty purchase additional scrub tops, bottoms or sets?
    1. Yes. Following their initial purchase using the piece allowance, the student/faculty can go back to the ordering site and use their personal credit card to purchase additional tops, bottoms or sets.
  3. What is the cost for additional scrub sets, tops and or bottoms?
    1. Pricing is dependent on size. Larger sizes are slightly more expensive.  


Price Range*

Scrub Embroidered Top

$10.77 - $13.50

Scrub Pant

$5.52 - $7.48

Scrub Set Total

$16.29 – 20.98

*Does not include shipping cost

  1. Do students receive discounted scrub pricing?
    1. Yes, the prices listed on the website reflect Rasmussen discounted prices which have been extended to students.
  2. What is the process for students to order and receive their scrubs?
    1. Students will receive a “Welcome Email” from SuiteStyles to their s-mail account with a link to the ordering website and login credentials. From the email the student, can access the order site and place their order.
  3. What is the “piece allowance”?
    1. The piece allowance is similar to a payment voucher in that it allows the student (orderer) to purchase x number of pieces at no cost.
  4. Does the piece allowance expire?
    1. Yes, the piece allowance expires fourteen (14) days from the delivery date of the Welcome Email.
  5. Can the piece allowance be reactivated?
    1. Yes, the student would need to contact SuiteStyles customer support to reactivate the piece allowance.
  6. What is the contact information for SuiteStyle Customer Support?
    1. Contact for SuiteStyles Customer Support is:

 1-87-scrubs12 (1-877-278-2712) or email at

  1. Are scrubs returnable or exchangeable if the incorrect size was ordered?
    1. No, Medline has a no return or exchange policy unless the scrub received is defective or damaged.
  2. When will Welcome Emails go out to students?
    1. Welcome Emails will be sent to students at the beginning of the quarter, two weeks prior and after the start of class.
  3. What if a student doesn’t receive the Welcome email?
    1. Student should contact the PSC to resolve the issue.
  4. How long does it take to receive the scrubs after the order is placed?
    1. Please plan on fourteen (14) days for delivery.
  5. Can student use a P.O. Box as a shipping address?
    1. No, students must supply a street address for proper tracking and delivery.
  6. Do re-enter students receive new scrubs?
    1. It depends on the time from previous drop to re-entry. Two quarters or six (6) months from previous start, a student will not receive new scrub sets. If out for more than six months, the student will receive new scrub sets.
  7. How can a student determine the correct scrub size prior to ordering?
    1. Student can try on scrubs at their campus location. Each campus has been provided a scrub sizing kit. If a student is not near a campus, a scrub sizing chart can be found on the SuiteStyles ordering site at the bottom of each product page.
  8. Are there scrub pant “tall” sizes available?
    1. Yes. Students can order “tall” sizes on the website ordering page.  
  9. Can the campus have additional scrubs on site for exchanges?
    1. We are working on an exchange program, more information to come.