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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2016     Views: 141

Search for e-Books and Articles all at once:

  1. Use our Discovery database to search for your specific vitamin or supplement
    1. Sample searches:
      1. Vitamin D
      2. Saw Palmeto

If Discovery gives you too much, you can break things up:

E-books and Encyclopedias

  1. Search our e-book collections for electronic books and/or electronic articles from medical encyclopedias.
    1. Recommended e-book collections:
      1. eBooks
      2. Credo
      3. Gale Virtual Reference
    2. Recommended search terms:
      1. Vitamins
      2. Dietary supplements
      3. The name of the specific supplement or vitamin you are researching

Articles from Medical Journals and Magazines

  1. Search our medical databases for articles on your specific vitamin or supplement:
  2. Suggested databases to search:
    1. Health Sciences and Nursing via ProQuest
    2. Health Source via EBSCO

Web Search

  • Be careful to evaluate the authority, quality, credibility, and reliability of any web page you use. There is a lot of bogus and biased information out there, especially about health issues.
  • Try searching Google with a limit. Including the "word" in your search limits your search to only websites sponsored/produced by a government agency (like the MedlinePlus or the Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institutes of Health).
    • Example searches in Google:
      • black cohash
      • st john's wort
      • vitamin D

Don't forget to create REFERENCES for the sources you use!

Assignment Sample (check with your instructor to make sure you have the same assignment):

For this paper you are to select a vitamin, mineral, or herbal supplement, and research the benefits, possible side effects, restrictions and documented toxic effects when taken with other medications in the Rasmussen Library (aka the resources listed above).  To make it interesting, search for unique topics to keep our discussion interesting. 

1.      Provide a brief typed summary of the supplement in your paper.

2.      Determine if you on a website that is credible and if the information is credible.

3.      List your sources while maintaining academic integrity in your paper.  All outside sources must be cited using APA style.  See your librarian for further information and assistance.      

4.      Be prepared to share with the class in an informal presentation.