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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2017     Views: 149

  1. First, figure out the name(s) or the person or people you hope to find an interview from.
    1. Use Mergent or Hoover's to look up your company and identify the CEO or other executive officers. Use their names in further searches.
  2. Search International Directory of Business Biographies (IDBB) for two purposes:
    1. IDBB frequently quotes from/uses interviews. You might find enough to work with here.
    2. IDBB cites its sources. If there is an interview cited, you now know what to look for in library databases.
  3. Conduct a search using your executive's name within one of the business video databases:
    1. Kanopy
    2. ASP: Business Education in Video
    3. Business via ProQuest
      1. To search for videos, click on Advanced Search
      2. Type the person's name into the search field
      3. Click the Audio/Video Clip button in the Document type area
  4. Search our business databases like Business Source Complete or Business via ProQuest to find articles that might contain interviews.
    1. Search tips:
      1. Search for the name of your person and limit by document type speech or  interview if available
      2. Search the name of your person and the word interview
        1. Example: Steve Jobs AND interview
      3. Search the name of your person alone if nothing showed up with the word interview
      4. Search for articles mentioned in a source like IDBB (#2 above)
  5. Search the internet for articles/interview
    1. Google
      1. Put the name of your person in quotes and the word interview
      2. For example, "Geoffrey Bible" interview
    2. Locate the company's website and check the About section or Investor or Investor Relations section for additional information about executives/directors; you may also find information within an annual report for the company.
    3. Browse 100 Must-See Interviews