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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016     Views: 100

If the healthcare organization you are looking at is a hospital, check JCAHO, since they assess hospitals.

In addition, to locate information on healthcare organizations/companies Rasmussen provides access to Hoover's Company Profiles and to Mergent Online. Both of these databases are superb resources for finding company information - and hospitals/clinics are companies. If you are using Mergent Online to search for your healthcare organization, be sure to click the D&B Private Company Database button (pictured below) to add private companies to your search - as some institutions may be public and others private.

Webpages and Websites

  • The homepages of health care organizations/hospitals/etc might provide information and statistics that you cannot find elsewhere (aka annual reports not in Hoovers or Mergent).
  • If looking for websites about the organization you are researching, note that internet information must be assessed for quality and accuracy! When searching, consider limiting your search to web page addresses or urls that include .gov (government) or .edu (educational institution) sites.
    • Google allows you to add the "word" to any search to retrieve only government sites
      • For example, conducting a Google search, restricted only .gov sites, provided a link to's Hospital Compare Guide, which may be a great way of comparing quality of care at over 4,000 Medicare certified hospitals.
  • Consider checking American Hospital Directory's free hospital profile data and state and national stats at (Rasmussen does not have a membership for the for-fee/subscription data)

Finally, see also our Healthcare Management page inside the School of Business Guide.