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Answered By: BethMarie Gooding
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016     Views: 8577

Don't over-think this one! 

Here is the context within Jane Dare's medical chart:

Diphtheria and tetanus (IM) according to facility policy.

a. If a resident has never received a Diphthia/Tetanus series, give:

1.0.5 cc D/T initially
2.0.5 cc DT 4-8 weeks later
3.0.5 cc DP 6 months later

b. if booster is needed, give adult Diphtheria/Tetanus 0.5 cc

Try searching for DT in one of the abbreviations dictionaries. That one should come up without an issue. Use:

For D/T and DP you might need to change strategies.

See also: Medical Terminology Guide