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Answered By: Cassie Sampson, Education & General Education Librarian
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2016     Views: 627

First, decide whether or not you want to create a reference for an entry or for the source as a whole.

Entry? Take a look at our answer on how to cite/reference an entry from a reference book (like an encyclopedia or dictionary).

Source as a Whole? (Use this if you are in the Medical Terminology class and doing your PPA project):

  • Create the Reference Entry citation type (above) but leave the entry title blank and just fill in the name of the reference source.
  • In Jablonski's, click on the copyright page in the table of contents to see the publication information.
  • A reference for Jablonski's as a whole would look similar to this: Title of dictionary (edition). (year of most recent publication). Retrieved from: http://<<publisher homepage URL>>.

To see more examples, visit the Book Citation page of the APA Guide. See below. Click on the tabs for Reference Book and Entry in a Dictionary.


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