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Answered By: Sara Stambaugh, Digital Services Librarian
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016     Views: 2946

Many Health Sciences courses use various aspects of VLab from AHIMA. Each uses a slightly different program or part.

Getting in:

  • Your instructor provides you with your login and password
  • The link, login info, and how-to use info is in the Virtual Lab Login Instructions box/link which you can find in the Resources tab of all online courses that use VLab.

For help using any of the VLab parts see:

  • The student manual for VLab is in the Resources tab of your online course. It is part of the login document (see image above). Once you click on it, be sure to select the course you are in so you get the right instructions/manual (see image below).
  • Your instructor
  • One of our HIT / coding tutors in Tutor Match. See list at
  • Please do NOT contact AHIMA.

    Here are AHIMA Virtual Lab (Hatsize) success strategies for the different software products: 
  • Nuance Quantim Encoder - now Clintegrity 360:
    • Requires IE; if you're using a version higher than 9, you'll want to enable compatibility mode.
  • 3M 
    • Officially supports IE 8, 9, and 10 (not 11).
    • HIT instructors have had good luck with Google Chrome.
  • SolCom EDMS
    • Requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed.
    • Sometimes folks have problems using the mouse to navigate between input fields - when this happens, our HIT instructors have encouraged people to navigate using the keyboard (press TAB between fields, ENTER to login).
  • Healthport eSmartlog:
    • Requires IE with compatibility mode enabled. Otherwise it insists you haven't entered a Requester type. 
  • Tableau
    • Desktop software that you can install.
    • The Activation Key has been updated! 
    • The activation key is found in Hatsize under the Help tab

​For additional information, check out these great tutorials from HIT Program Coordinator Eunice Carlson!